EHT aviation park building nearing completion employees to move in next year

Construction of the first building of the National Aviation Research and Technology Park is in its final stages, and employees working there will begin moving in right after the new year, Atlantic County officials said.

The next step is filling the empty space with tenants.

“The core and shell will be complete in the next two weeks or so, the exterior is done, the rooftop lounge is just about done, and the reception area is coming together,” said John Lamey, director of the Atlantic County Improvement Authority. “We are also working to complete the lab for the (Federal Aviation Administration).”

The first building of the park, or NARTP, located in Egg Harbor Township, features 66,000 square feet of research space, a Federal Aviation Administration laboratory, classrooms, a large conference room — called the Thunder Room — and a rooftop lounge, among other amenities.

FAA and NARTP employees will move into the building just after the new year, Lamey said, and the county is close to securing tenants to move into the rest of the building thereafter.


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