Elliot E.

I have been buying and selling real estate for the past 40+ years of my life all over the country and dealing with so-called “Real Estate Professionals”.

The truth is, many are not what they claim. In fact, most of my real estate transactions that I have completed in Las Vegas were handled by realtors that were not much more than what I call “Order Takers”. These so-called professionals wound up knowing about half of what I knew (about real estate) and on most transactions, I found myself doing their work! I recently purchased an investment home in Somers Point, NJ and did my research first on what realtor I was going to choose, as I am 2500 miles away and could not be there. After reading some reviews, I went with Gary Simmens. Hands down, Gary Simmens has been a wonderful choice and is the true definition of a Real Estate Professional. Gary Simmens not only knows his work, but he is very hands-on. From the time I picked the home through the settlement, he had been in contact with me practically every day. Post settlement and unlike most realtors, Gary has continued to stay in contact and even helped me with small tasks he had no obligation to do. This kind of service and help is priceless and he backs it up with his own 40+ years of real estate knowledge. Buying a home can be very stressful, even as an experienced buyer. Gary was there through every step and could not have been any more helpful. I sincerely highly recommend Gary Simmens for all your real estate needs.