Atlantic City Airshow 2023 this Wednesday August 08/16/23

It`s that time of the year again. The popular Atlantic City Air Show.  A 20 year tradition is coming soon for young and old.  Last year`s crowd was 550,000 people approximately estimated packing the beaches to watch. With the good warm weather forecasted for Wednesday the crowds should be large again.

The first plane should soar over the beach about 11 a.m., but there’s plenty more you’ll want to know before you plop down your lawn chair and cooler.

While the show is Wednesday, there’s another time that people can check out the planes.

Tuesday will be the airshow practice run, basically the airshow lite. The planes aren’t as regular and there isn’t an announcer, but it’s a good day to show up on the beach and watch what’s to come for the show.

“You have so many fan-favorite performers returning to the Atlantic City beaches for the Airshow’s 20th Anniversary in 2023 – talented military and civilian acts that dazzle crowds with their death-defying aerobatics and aerial tricks. This will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime show you will not want to miss,” said Greater Atlantic City Chamber President Michael Chait, organizer for this year’s Airshow.



11:00 AM: Airspace Closes for Airshow, TFR in Effect, Boats in Place

11:30 AM: US Army Golden Knights Flag Jump w/National Anthem

11:38 AM: US Army Golden Knights Mass Exit Show

11:44 AM: NJ ANG 177th FW F-16 Flyby

11:45 AM: NJ ANG 108th WG KC-135 Flyby

11:47 AM: NBC 10 Helicopter Flybys

11:50 AM: NJ ANG Composite Wing Flyby (KC-135 & (2) F-16s)

11:52 AM: Mark Meredith Chipmunk Aerobatics

12:03 PM: Medical Helicopter Flybys

12:05 PM: NJ State Police Flybys

12:07 PM: Kyle Fowler Long EZ Aerobatics

12:20 PM: 436th AMW C-5M Super Galaxy Flyby #1

12:24 PM: NJ-ArNG/NJ-ANG UH-60 SPIES/FRIES Demonstration

12:34 PM: US Coast Guard MH-65E Search & Rescue Demonstration

12:44 PM: FAA William J Hughes Aircraft Flybys (2-passes)

12:49 PM: TBA – Demonstration

12:59 PM: 514th AMW KC-46A Pegasus Flyover

1:01 PM: 514th AMW C-17A Globemaster III Flyover

1:03 PM: HM-12 MH-53E SeaDragon Flyby Demonstration (2-ship)

1:09 PM: 80th FTW T-38C Talon Flyby #1 (2-ship)

1:11 PM: Tom Duffy B-25J Mitchell Flight Profile (3-passes)

1:20 PM: 80th FTW T-38C Talon Flyby #2 (2-ship)

1:22 PM: Patrick McAlee Extreme Flight Pitts Aerobatics

1:42 PM: USMC AV-8B Harrier II Demonstration

1:55 PM: US Army Golden Knights Mass Exit Show

2:15 PM: Jim Beasley Jr. P-51 Mustang Demonstration

2:25 PM: Scott Francis MXS Aerobatics

2:40 PM: Military Enlistment Ceremony

2:45 PM: USAF Thunderbirds

4:00 PM: Airshow Ends

5:00 PM: Airspace Re-opens; TFR Ends

PARKING: Just a reminder, you will have to pay for parking in Atlantic City. Unless you find a street spot.

WHERE TO STAY: It’s midweek, so if you’re thinking of staying the night, there should be plenty of rooms available.

SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN: It’s the Atlantic City beach, which means it’s free and you’ll definitely want to use it on a warm summer’s day.

RESTRICTIONS: Drones, parasailing, kite flying, or any other device will be prohibited within a 10-mile radius of the Air Show space on the practice days Monday and Tuesday, and the day of the Air Show, being Wednesday.