December 31st-Day of Reflection, Goals, and Possibly Corrections That Really Make A Difference

For a lot of us, December 31st and New Years Day, has always been a day of anticipation, reflection, joy, wonder, and excitement about the possibilities for the new year.  A lot of people set goals, however you may want to think the key to actually achieving what you want is to get clear on your priorities. When you reflect on what is most important to you in order of highest to lowest priority, (for example goals like family, faith, health, work, etc.) and compare it to your daily activities and the amount of time you are devoting to each priority, chances are you spend the least time on the things that are most important to you. This often can lead to unhappiness and a big disappointing lack of fulfillment.
 So in 2024, rather than simply making a resolution or setting goals,  perhaps you need to design a plan that aligns with your true priorities. This will require being completely 100% honest with yourself, and certainly making changes that may be hard and uncomfortable, redefining what success to you personally means and actually reaching the goals means. and not making excuses (which most of the time is based in fear and time management). This is the work behind the resolution that actually makes you stick to it. I personally have to focus daily, weekly and review weekly and monthly my goals and results in my competitive business. We all have to do what`s best to reach our desired results. A key to me is always writing them down, and reviewing them weekly. What are your goals and dreams you wish to accomplish?  I hope you take the right steps to help make them happen.
 I wish you all a fabulous 2024, and boy wasn`t 2023 a crazy year.  Some say 2024 will be better,
some say it may get a little crazier in many ways with political unrest. From what I can see for the South Jersey real estate market you will still see a tight listing market, with prices staying stable and rising, with the limited inventory, along with 3 possible interest rate reductions in 2024 predicted by the experts. This will lead to buyers that have been holding back to invest to finally jump in and buy real estate. See recent SOLDS and ALL CURRENT ACTIVE properties for sale by all realtors at helpful:
I appreciate if you let me know if you may know anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in the South Jersey real estate market. Have a bless week and 2024!  Stay healthy and good luck on your 2024 goals! Gary.