Merry Christmas 2023—And Hug Your Love Ones!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just wanted to say have a great and safe holiday season this end of 2023.  The last 4 years have been crazy filled with a lot of change with everyone worldwide. Take time to hug you loved ones and spend quality time with your parents, if they are still alive. The picture you see is of my mother Virginia (Ginny), who passed away of the Alzheimer`s disease not long ago. My family misses her smile and contagious laugh, especially at family gatherings. So hug your loved ones good this 2023 season, you never know what people are going through these days.  Be thoughtful and kind, do a good small deed for someone in need, it could help go a long way in return. Hope your holiday is filled with lots of love. God Bless. Gary.